What if you were a Sculptor?

Every human is creative. Humanity is our planet’s most prolific inventor. We are a species that is compulsively driven to fabricate, to create!

From our initial forays into Oldowan tools (2.6 million years ago) to hand axes (1.6 mya) to engravings, carvings, and our development of complex languages (all ~70,000 years ago), and on into agrarianism (12,000 ya) and industry (260 ya) and virtuality (51 ya), what defines us as a species is the seemingly berserk drive to make. This drive to create, this externalization of our internal state, is what sets humanity apart from other life on Earth.


You are an artist.

You are a poet every time you speak, a dancer every time you move, a playwright every time you imagine a scenario or engage in internal dialogue...

And you are a sculptor every time you rearrange objects.


What If...

You were a collaborator?


Every human is social. Humanity is one of our planet’s most collaborative and social species. We are a species that withers in isolation. Our greatest punishments throughout history have often included enforced isolation. We laud those who choose isolation as mystics, prophets, seers. Beyond our sociality, our present world is unimaginable without collaboration on an unprecedented (for Earth) scale. Every aspect of contemporary human life is a collaboration.

You are a collaborator.


For Eugene’s Visual Arts Week, Earthbound Moon invites you to collaborate with five artists on a series of DIY artworks.


We have commissioned five Create-Your-Own-Sculpture Treasure Hunts. You can find the posters for the Treasure Hunts scattered around Eugene, Oregon, USA, Earth or at DIYSculpture.com. Download a Treasure Hunt (or all five Treasure Hunts!) and be a part of the artmaking for Visual Arts Week!


Eugene Difficult Music Ensemble invites you to create a musical composition as a preview of their 02021 multimedia performance, The Eugene Garbage Project.


Jorah LaFleur provides a Treasure Hunt that will culminate in a new work of sculptural poetry and poetic sculpture.


Mija Andrade encourages you to build a sculpture unlike any you ever imagined before.


Pat Luther has written a play in six scenes, each scene a single page available at a different location. Perform one scene or collect them all and perform the whole play. 


Patricia Montoya Donohue’s Treasure hunt guides you in the creation of a spellbinding mandala.


Share your creations with the hashtags #CYOSTH #diysculpture and #EUGFun!

Or enjoy them personally and don’t share them at all! That’s okay, too!


But Wait! That’s Not all!


You can also create your own Create-Your-Own-Sculpture Treasure Hunt 

And submit it to:

We will post it online for you to share with the world! 


Earthbound Moon, NFP is a Eugene-based 501(c)(3) arts group working towards reimagining humanity's understanding of our home planet:


What If… Earth was a Sculpture Garden and not a Resource.

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