"Every child is an artist; it's up to the adult to remain one." - Pablo Picasso

With nature as our studio, we are free to discover and create. Inspired by our surroundings we can produce a delightful mandala. The mandala treasure hunt will reconnect you with the earth. You will find your creativity flowing and your mind free from worries which makes it a perfect relaxation tool!

My earliest recollection of weaving came in elementary school. Before any holiday celebrations, we were given strips of colored paper to weave individual table placements. For me, it wasn’t so much the big party that excited me, but being able to go through the process of choosing the right paper and seeing the magic of something come together with my hands. 

Those early memories are what continue to inspire me to create and share my love of weaving with people of all ages.

Download a PDF of Reconnect With Nature Mandala

Mija Andrade

Mija grew up in California but has lived and worked in Eugene since 1995.  Mija worked for many years in graphic arts and attended the UC Santa Cruz graphic design and production program. She became involved with the Lane County non-profit organization MECCA in 2006 and worked as their executive director from 2008 to 2013.  She has worked and partnered with many Lane County organizations, planning community events and serving on Boards. She is an artist and long-time member of the local philanthropic women's art group the ArtChics. Mija is currently the director of the OSLP Arts & Culture Program and has worked for Oregon Supported Living Program since 2014. She also loves being out and about in her community, dancing and playing with friends and family and singing with her daughter.

Download a PDF of Tactile Frolic


The Eugene Difficult Music Ensemble performs and commissions underrepresented experimental works in order to open ears and minds. We work to expand the definition of what music can be and what music is capable of achieving, as well as who is capable of achieving it.

EDME was founded by field recordist Lee Pembleton, percussionist Kathie Hsieh, and pianist Milton Fernandez amidst arts admin studies (among a plethora of other studies) at UO. They soon commissioned composer JP Lempke to write a piece for them, leading JP to not only join the ensemble, but contribute his creative superpowers and Youtube video skillz. Soon, equally classical and rogue instrumentalists Morgan Bates and Rebecca Keller joined the party to add their musical ideas, videography skills, and illustrious commentary to what is now a dynamic, eccentric, engaging musical(?) sextet. 

Download a PDF of Ode To The Economy

Jorah LaFleur is a writer/performer who enjoys wearing many different hats. She finds herself on stage as a spoken word poet, event emcee, actor, and interviewer. She has been exploring the delights and terrors of writing and performing for over twenty years.

Jorah is passionate about working with youth as a teaching artist, and is currently serving as a Writer in Residence through the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Wordcrafters in Eugene. She is committed to helping others experience the transformative power of being seen/heard, and to promoting the arts as tools of social change, and community building. 


For over a decade (2006 to 2019), she ran the Eugene Poetry Slam, which gifted her with a wealth of stage hosting experience, and a front row seat to the recitation of thousands of original poems. She is left forever convinced that: 1) Live performance is, literally, magical. 2) Being vulnerably honest with willing strangers is medicinal for everyone involved. 3) Pain tastes best when it is sprinkled with humor, liberally.

Currently, Jorah is focused on exploring new collaborations, and is honored to be working in conjunction with a team of beautiful musicians and producers at Studio 541 Productions. 

Jorah LaFleur is an introverted extrovert. She cries easily and laughs effortlessly. Her favorite color is zebra.

Download a PDF of Taste Touch Sight Smell Sound


I have lived in Portland, Oregon on and off throughout my life.  

I’ve been a pizza boy, a Kelly girl, a corporate propagandist, and both a purveyor and debunker of conspiracy theories, and once had to take a class in money laundering and terrorist financing. 

I once helped save the world.

You’re welcome.

 The 2008 financial collapse was almost entirely not my fault.

I once drove to Guatemala with five people in a Subaru, and I’ve volunteered with archaeologists, where I’ve sifted dirt, flown drones, and dodged a giant boulder. (It wasn’t actually moving, but it was still a close call.) 

I’ve been a member of one fundamentalist religion and two secret societies, and ran my first D&D game the summer before I saw my first Star Wars movie.

I’ve programmed satellites and police databases, and lost one job because the project I was working on got shut down by the EFF, and another because Bill Clinton said the wrong thing to an Iranian official.

 I’ve also written two novels – so far.

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